Saaisha International was founded in 2011 by passionate and innovative minds. The main person behind Saaisha is a Science Graduate along with MBA in Human Resource and has over 19 years of extensive work experience as HR with renowned organizations. We are a Delhi based company and provide services to various Indian cities such as Delhi, Chennai, Bangalore, and Hyderabad as well as to UK, UAE, and many other countries. It was started with a belief that we should create to inspire and connect people.

Our extensive experience and successful track record of developing, managing and acquiring HR practices with the companies make ourselves uniquely qualified as a leader in implementing growth strategies on the companies which help them to start their own venture. We are a start-up with its roots in India but our vision is to become a global brand. In an era where is machine made, we are supporting the ‘Maker Revolution’ worldwide which is to encourage people to use handmade.

Saaisha has over 11 years of experience in Corporate Gifting and we are the leading suppliers of corporate business gifts and promotional products. We are dedicated to supplying a range of products which offers solutions for any market campaign at reasonable prices and also provide a professional customer service that makes your job easier.

Whether you are ordering for the first time or are a highly experienced buyer of promotional merchandise, our experienced and highly enthused team is always at your service to cater your requirements for any order size. Our clientele includes small, medium and large sized business, big corporate houses, public limited companies and multinational companies.

We offer you a world class service whether you have received a catalogue, selected a product from our website or working with our Account Managers on a long term campaign. We believe in working WITH you, rather than FOR you. Our sourcing and development specialist are consistently creating and developing products which surprise our customers and are beyond their expectations. Saaisha provides end-to-end gifting solutions from identifying the right gift to its customization of printing and packaging.